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The Evil One

This is my character. He is my baby. Although he is very mischievous and evil, I love him!!!!!
I sculpted only the torso because his body structure was complicated. I was glad I built his body because it helped a lot when I was animating.


Temple & archangel

Early temple sketch

Early sketches of caves

Concept sketches for cave

I was inspired by 20th century illustrator, Kay Nielsen and I tried to bring that style into my film.

Long shot of cave Final

This is my favorite layout from my film.

BG shade

Long shot of cave

The first pass of the cave layout.
Version 3.
Version 2. Black and white, and little bit of color
Version 1 of outside the cave

Base shade

This is my background shade I used for the layout. Not even setting the tone of the layout, charcoal added rough texture of rock.

Outside cave watercolor

This was my first layout for the scene. I loved how the line design and watercolor texture came out, but was not successful on building up emotion of the scene. So I added dark shade and played around with color.

Inside Cave Final

Inside cave Line work


I can have some of that right now!!

Soldier of Love

The model had a cool tattoo on her back. i asked her the meaning and she said, 'soldier of Love.'


Inspired by Kay Nielsen's work


I posted this drawing earlier. I added watercolor background later and I think it looks more interesting.


Arboritum 2 - peacock paradise

peacock were everywhere!!! I never seen so many peacocks in one place.

Arboritum 1

One of the small green house had so many different kinds of orchids. They were so beautiful!!! Because my dad sells orchids at farmer's markets, I was familiar with some of them.

animal 2

animal 1