Felt (Mobile greeting cards and more)

Felt. was officially started last year November. But before that, I never trusted myself I could do this. 'What? Have my own business? Selling my own designs?' Although I loved creating things with my hand and people kept saying 'you should sell these!', I wouldn't dare to go forward. But after consistent encouragement from my friends, I participated in Patchwork craft show last year and ever since then, felt. has been a big part of my life. I love coming up with the original ideas and bring life with my own hands. And they are cute too!

To be honest, it's been such a struggle and a challenge to do a business on my own. Most of time, I'm so tempted to quit but more I think about it, I can't quit because this is what I love to do. Hopefully felt. will see more light in the future but until then, I will continue to create.


Kumi & George

It's always a blessing to be part of your close friends' wedding whether it's being in the bridal party or organizing the event. And the opportunities come more often to me because I am an artist. ^_^ My friend Kumi and George asked me to caricature themselves and create a guest sign-in canvas. All the guests' thumb prints would create a hot air balloon and carry Kumi & George. I guess it also symbolized their wish to be supported by their community as they started a new life together.


My dear friend Caroline has passion for writing.  She was launching her blog and asked me to design the header. She wanted to include specific things in the art:

Hippo & dragonfly: her favorite animals
A girl holding a heart

Here is her blog. http://carolinejasmine.com

She also has heart for sharing life stories with other women. She held a event called Heartspeak for women to come and share their stories. Her vision was to support and love each other because we all are broken people.

Project Agitate was the name of an online newsletter that was created to arouse people's curiosity and help them to think about different issues of the world. My friend Nancy who was the part of the project at that time asked me to design the header of the newsletter. She wanted me to come up with different ideas that can portrait 'agitating a brain' with the similar style of Ray Lamontagne posters. Although the project never bloomed to the public, I still enjoyed the process of trying new look from my usual style.